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    20th August 2012, 1:43 am
    Message by hana - Since You are Senpai
    The plot for that rp that i posted yesterday that got 14 views that got no replies that failz

    A blindfolded City or Mekakucity is a city that is blind to its surroundings and its future. Located in a section of Tokyo, it's hard to tell if you wander into the city or not. However; what makes this city very special isn't that its total isolation from the world. In the past, during a nuclear testing of some chemicals, a wrong chemical was given a mutative strand of DNA, resulting in an explosion, wiping out the facility that housed the experiment. Luckily, the blast wasn't as catastrophic as thought previously. However; the chemicals with the new strand of dna had spread over this city. As a result; the city was isolated from the public by the government. It was said that this chemical had an adverse effect on a person's mind, resulting in the infected person to hallucinate wildly. Infected people can be identified with bright crimson red eyes, solidifying over their pupils like a contact len.

    It's been over several years since the isolation, but the city isn't isolated anymore. After the a year of the chemical running amok, a vaccine was made and cured the infected. The city is still as it is before and after the chemical incident, but something new has started to happen. A new drug, called Dream'Scape, is sweeping through the streets of this city. Rumors have it, that the drug has the same effect as the chemicals from years ago, but it's more potent and dangerous to its origin. Besides the constant hallucinations, it seems to give the drug addict the ability to heightens one's eyesight to absurd levels. As per usual, the city is still blind to its inner dilemma with the government unknown to the wiser. As a drug, the sickness has become much more lethal and deadlier, but there seems to be a way to stop it. Rumors about an underground vigilante group, dedicated to stopping this drug dead in its track before it overtakes the city, country, and world. Do they have another motive behind their actions?
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    18th June 2012, 1:03 am
    Message by hana - Stop irking me
    Your banner from that self-proclaimed gif creator really stinks, it's been irking ever since I laid my eyes on that bouncing unstable thing. This means I'm going to kick that banner of an eye sore to the curb. Better make use of your kouhai's banner or she'll start hacking your computer Wink

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    13th April 2012, 1:29 pm
    Message by Shugo Chara Unlock! - OMG(osh)
    How could I forget? happy really really really late birthday. sorry for not realizing
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    17th January 2012, 7:57 pm
    Message by SkyIris - Re: new rp?
    Welome I think i have an idea for the neko and the parteners...
    What if the neko and person that is paired up with them sign a contract,not a written one but like a contract in blood,and then the person and neko get a mark of one of the cards that they have in their hand, like the markings in the lunar academy rp?
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    5th October 2011, 7:54 pm
    Message by SkyIris - Rp Ideas
    Hey can you help me, I wanna know what do you think of my shugo chara rp plots?

    here they are:
    1.Everyone has a hearts eggs with dreams,Then a shugo chara is born...But now somthing new has happened everyone's hearts eggs are locked. But it's all weird their tranformations are showing but where are the chara's? I will only be fate if they find the humpty lock and key....

    2. A Ban had kids had came together to make the Shugo Chara International Guardians! Every kid from all over the world come to this great council. BUt the evil NightEaster company are messing with kids hearts eggs once again. Will this be the end of the Great Council?

    what do you think?
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    30th September 2011, 4:12 pm
    Message by stephy - RP
    Mmmm my ideas. It would be great if it could be an irresponsible person in the RP, like just a teenager who inherited her/his dad's job, and doesn't really care or something. Oooor maaaybe..all in the hands of a three year old or a toddler XDDDD! That'd be funny!!!!!!
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    12th November 2010, 10:04 pm
    Message by shugochara - hi

    hi! Happy your a friend:)
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