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 Amuto (AmuXIkuto or IkutoXAmu) Club

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PostSubject: Amuto (AmuXIkuto or IkutoXAmu) Club   1st October 2012, 5:19 pm

For those that like this pairing, you can join this club and share, discuss the many things you like about this pairing. Such as why you like the pairing, if they are your favorite, the pros and cons of it. What would you like to see different or changed if you had the chance to do so, if you would like to see a fourth season with this pairing as the main objective, etc. There are many different topics to be discussed in this club, of course it's not mandatory to join and it's accessible to EVERY member.

Be respectful of others that are shy and don't know what to put in regards to this pairing

NO FLAMING OR HATING ON THIS PAIR. [If you don't like this pair why are you even posting or looking at this?]

Be careful with grammar. I know some have a hard time with grammar but please make sure you proof read your post for errors.

All Forum rules apply.

[More rules will be added if needed]
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Amuto (AmuXIkuto or IkutoXAmu) Club
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