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 Sample Roleplay Template

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PostSubject: Sample Roleplay Template   4th May 2012, 12:19 am

Name of roleplay:
Introduction: (of the roleplay/story you are creating.)
The plot:(what is the problem you will be roleplaying about?)
Rules: (refer to the rp rules or of your own if you need specifics for something.)
I.E.(example) two chances to follow story line, if you go off topic you will be kicked off the rp.
roleplaying style:(refer to rp rules)

Character sheet:
Apperance: (pictures/ detailed description)

Okay, at this point things can change depending on what type of roleplay you are creating

For Shugo chara templates/character sheets: here

For demons: (this one might have more info added to it.)

power level:(for demon's classes)
Strengths and weaknesses: (Do you have any weakness? How big is it?)
Domain they govern:
Type of demon:


What type of pokemon?
What skills they know(can they know 3, or 5 skills. Are they beginner skills or not?)
Dream:(what do you want to be? A trainer? Breeder? Pokemon master?)
(I will add more to this, I just hope this template helps you when creating your roleplay's.)
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Sample Roleplay Template
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