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PostSubject: NEW ROLEPLAY RULES!!   10th March 2012, 7:09 pm

I know that there is a Sticky about the rules in the Shugo Chara roleplay thread but those rules are not necessarily finished. I have edited and changed a few things on the rules and hope you all read these RP rules to be informed at what has changed and what is now different. If you ignore these rules and rp anyways you will be warned to read them, if not you will not be able to continue your rp threads or create any until these rules have been read and accepted.

If you have any questions, or complaints, feel free to notify me, SkyIris, Zeito or Tadase(Sora)! We'll get right on it.~

1. Do not include spoilers in any roleplaying topics without any warnings. Not everyone that's a member of this forum is up-to-date with the anime/manga, including myself, so please remember to warn that there may be spoilers in the Topic Description. Some people do not mind seeing spoilers in any roleplays, but at the same time others do. This is to be fair to those people.

2. As everyone has their own level/style of roleplay, remember to not offend it. We accept any style of roleplaying here. If you're unfamiliar with the types, I'll list them to my knowledge... from lowest to highest, with an example for each if available. (I don't want to list random paragraphs for you guys to read!) If there's some type of style that is not listed here, PM me about it! I'm not up-to-date with these styles... so any help is truly appreciated.

Oneline: This is the easiest form of roleplay, normally just a simple line with a tint of description. An example would be of the following, -With her eyes shining brightly, she gave him the biggest smile possible for her small frame.- "...Thank you."

Semi-para: This is for those people who don't want to oneline, but at the same time don't want to para roleplay as well. Just a simple paragraph, from 3-6 sentences will do. An example would be of the following, Happily skipping about, the blonde looked from left to right. She wasn't quite sure where her date was, but she was looking forward to it at the same time! Sadly for her, it began to rain moments after. With the rain falling down on her, feeling the icy waters drench her frame, her once happy mood turned into an aggravated one. WHERE WAS HE?!

Para: This is for people who would like to roleplay in between... such as, about two-fourish paragraphs. I won't go into detail for this one, so if you'd like an example feel free to let me know by PMing me.

Multi-Para: This is for those people who just love writing/roleplaying! Normally this can be from fourish and up, but then that'll turn into novella and beyond. If you wish to see an example, feel free to PM me and I'll give you one as soon as possible!

One-worders: Posting just one word in two lines, these are just when an rp has either gone dead or you can’t think of something, but it’s also a style that should be avoided the most in posts. If you need help avoiding one-worders, just think detail and description for your post. An Example of this would be:
“Satoshi (<-- Usually this first word wouldn’t count if you are playing multiple characters in one rp thread)

Hopefully that very-short guide wasn't confusing, but if you have any questions or concerns about it let me know!

3. As we accept every roleplaying style, please don't ruin any roleplaying pattern the topic has without making sure its alright. This annoys some roleplayers, so be sure to be wary of them. If you want a specific roleplaying style, be sure to include it in your post so people who don't roleplay that style will join you. We accept free-for-all roleplaying, just make sure the person who started the topic does as well! Also be sure to list the style(s) you're accepting. If you fail to do this and get a short or long roleplaying response and send me a complaint, it'll be on you.

4. Be sure to use proper spelling and grammar! I understand there's thousands of people out there who aren't very good at spelling or typing correct grammar, but be sure its legible so everyone is able to make out the words and what you're trying to say! This is crucial when it comes to roleplaying especially, so keep that in mind! This rule isn't as enforced in the other threads as it is in this one, so don't worry too much about this one if you don't plan on roleplaying. :3 Also, try not to use inappropriate language!

5. DO NOT ROLEPLAY ANYTHING SEXUALLY-RELATED. This is a ALL AGES forum. If you want to do anything related to that, feel free to in a PM. The last thing we need is young children who love this anime and roleplaying it to see certain actions that they shouldn't learn about yet. If you do this, you will be banned. I cannot stress this enough. Once again, just in case if you don't get it, DO NOT ROLEPLAY ANYTHING SEXUALLY-RELATED, since this is a ALL AGES forum. Thank you.

6. OOC topics are alright, and fully welcomed. Although this is more leaning towards the Spam Forum in a way, it's also welcomed in this forum as well. Remember to include that the topic is OOC roleplaying! If you don't, this can get confusing for some people. ^____^; Oh, and if you don't know what OOC is, its an abbreviation of, "Out of Character." Meaning that you don't act the way your character should act. For example, my character is madly in love with Ikuto. If I were to roleplay in OOC-mode, she would basically hate his guts.

7. If you need to communicate with any roleplayers that are in your current topic, either send them a PM or include a non-roleplaying part at the end of your roleplay. Although PMing is more preferred, its acceptable as long as its a note , having to do with anything that concerns roleplaying. If it is off-topic, send it in a PM to avoid any unnecessary plug-ins. To whoever is confused, here's an example...

-Insert random roleplay here!-


If you're starting the topic/roleplay out, i.e trying to figure out who the characters will be, this rule doesn't apply so don't worry about it.(Though depending on the situation this rule will apply.)

8. Made-up characters are fine! Just be sure to post description about him/her, and other information that will be useful to whoever is roleplaying with you. Don't go too far past personality and appearance, unless if it’s crucial with the character! Not everyone is interested with your characters history. ;P

Unless the thread/rp is based on OC’s which would make it fine to put your characters description, and history, otherwise it’s usually not necessary.

9. Be respectful to other roleplayers and author of the thread. That means no foul language directed to the writer behind the character, this hasn’t happened as of now and hope to never see it either. If you are caught even being negative and bringing them down by anyone you will be warned or possibly banned.

10. Have Fun in your roleplays/rp’s. These are fun stories that everyone join because the storyline catches their attention and want to enjoy the rp experience, plus you meet new rp buddies.

11. Author/writer control. This is a new rule that lets the other roleplay creators/author of the thread have a little control over their thread. What I mean by this is that if you do something outside of the rp without consulting/telling or asking the rp creator/writer about it. They are allowed to tell you about it and inform us about it as well. You get three strikes in each thread that you are accepted or join, after the three strikes you are not allowed to rp in that thread. That way there are no sudden changes in the rp, if you want to do something but are unsure, PM or ask the creator of the thread if that is okay. That way a strike/warning can be avoided.

12. Creating threads. Make sure that any roleplay application with description and character sheet are created and posted in the Roleplay Application and information section. Once there others will submit their characters, BUT first you must have it accepted by someone of Easter. This way we can tell you if you have missed anything in your application for your new rp. Such as stating the rules, type of style the thread will be using, how active you want the applicants to be, etc.

13. Submit and accept. DO NOT submit a character sheet and then start a second post with your beginning rp. You have to be accepted FIRST before you can truly begin roleplaying. If you do not wait for the creator of the rp thread to accept you they will have the chance/choice to deny you in the rp.

14. Staying on topic. When Rping(Roleplaying) please stay on topic, and don't stray too much from the rp topic with spam, or chatting, when that happens follow rule 7 and PM the person, or use the chatbox to talk with them about it. I know it's easy to stray off topic and easily talk about random things but that should be said and posted elsewhere, not in the rp thread. Please be aware of that, if you forget about this you will be given a warning and reminder of it.

If you are unsure of any of these rules, because there need more clarity, please inform me and I will make this more clear. Also if I have missed anything that should probably also be added or worth mentioning, please PM me and I will talk to the staff about it. Thanks and Enjoy roleplaying Minna.~ <3
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