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 Kado No Senso

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PostSubject: Kado No Senso   25th November 2012, 9:11 pm

Site Name: Kado no Senso
Site Link:
Anime Heaven (http: //kards
.forumotion .com/) (it can also be found by clicking our mini-banner)

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Kado no Senso

December 21, 2012. The end of the world was thought to fall upon earth.
The humans were ready for it. Most stocked up on provisions to last for
years, and reproduction plans were laid out, and they were hiding under
the crust of the earth, near the outer layers of the mantle.

were not ready though. Some couldn't bare the thought of it. And in the
stress of it all, took their own lives to escape the suspense and pain.

However, nothing had happened... or so they thought.

the first humans emerged from the earth days later, they found it as it
once was. The sky was still blue... The birds were still chirping...
and the cosmos hadn't changed at all.

One thing did change though.

new form of... a power so to speak, emerged. While the humans
were under the ground, something did happen, but not a world wide
Apocalypse. No, instead, a meteorite had crashed into the earth just
outside of the coast of Europe, and inside of it, were strange
creatures. However, before they could even be properly observed, they

Years later, in 2053, 51 years after 'The Event'
(The name that Humans had given the strange events of 2012), the
creatures had grown to become a part of the Human's lives. They still
weren't given names, because the world's governments couldn't quite
agree on just one name.

Another 10 years later, on the
1st of November, 2063, the world introduced a new, worldwide
game, taking the ideas of long sense passed card games, and the
futuristic technology far beyond their time, infused the both into one,
major game. They called it 'Kards'.

The game raged throughout the
next 15 years, and soon, powerful players emerged from a normal crowd
of people. These powerful players, dubbed Senshu, were known as the O
Senshu (King Player/Duelist)

They were called the 'Gods
Among men', now that the game of Kards had taken over the world and
controlled it from even the federal levels. And the term god was not far
off. These Senshu had great power, and Kards as well. So powerful in
fact, that they were banned from ever facing each other in combat, for
fear of large scale damage.

However, it is human nature to hate, lie, and cheat. And soon, that found its way between three O Senshu.

resulting battle tore the earth a sunder. Oceans were poisoned from
natural gas release due to the earthquakes that occurred from each
contact. Whole continents sank, such as the Americas and Africa. What
was left, which was Half of Asia, most of Europe, and some of Australia,
all had been mashed together by the rest of the earthquakes, and would
later become known as Zania.

35 years later, the game has been
refined and remade. Safer rules are in place, and no one has reached O
Senshu level, due to the new restrictions. However, Senshu are getting

Now, the balance of the remaining world has been tipped
once again, and who knows what could happen this time. One thing is for

Another O Senshu incident will happen again...
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Kado No Senso
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