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 RP+Site Achievements

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PostSubject: RP+Site Achievements   25th November 2012, 2:11 pm

I have just installed this to the profile page, RP and Site achievements will be things you gain from rping, creating new Rp's, interesting characters, etc.

Oh and guys, these ranks mean nothing. just for fun Razz

There are also ranks of RP, which you can be promoted higher on with the RP level Bar. Each person starts out with Zero experience, but the more achievements you earn, the higher the bar goes. The staff is no exception, we have to work hard as well. Whenever you're done creating an RP thread, or a spar is done, or a mission, or even a simple application thread. PM it to a Staff member, and we'll grade it and say if you achieved anything.

500 posts - 10 Experience
1,000 Posts - 15 Experience
2,000 Posts - 20 Experience
3,000 Posts - 30 Experience
4,000 Posts - 45 Experience
5,000 Posts - 60 Experience
7,000 Posts - 80 Experience
10,000 Posts - 100 Experience
15,000 Posts - 150 Experience

1000 Word RP post - 20 Experience{Repeatable}
2000 Word RP post - 30 Experience{Repeatable}
3000+ Word RP post - 45 Experience{Repeatable}
Detailed Posts - 10 Experience{Repeatable}
Great Grammar - 15 Experience{Repeatable}
Solo Mission - 15 Experience{Repeatable}
Collaboration Mission - 20 Experience{Repeatable}
Plot-Based RP - 30 Experience{Repeatable}
Spar RP - 16 Experience{Repeatable}
RP post - 5 Experience{Repeatable}
Just a post - 3 Experience{Repeatable}

Recruit a New ACTIVE member - 10 Experience{Repeatable}

Greenhorn - 0 Experience
Amateur - 50 Experience
Novice - 150 Experience
Experienced - 300 Experience
Elite - 700 Experience
Master - 1300 Experience

Can you rise to the top?
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RP+Site Achievements
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