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 Shinobi Faction: Profiles

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PostSubject: Shinobi Faction: Profiles   23rd November 2012, 9:57 pm

Saiyuki Kai
Gender: Male
Age: 17

Saiyuki's usually playful and happy, he's also a brilliant fighter. He can become cocky at times, but is usually in control of his emotions.
Appearance: Saiyuki stands 7 feet tall, is athletic, and has a slight tan. He has spiky sapphire hair, sapphire eyes and wears a blue longcoat, with blue leather gloves, leather shoes, a black undershirt and black pants.
Race: Human
Affiliation: Leader of Shinobi Faction

Ascended Strength: Capable of amazing feats, including easily lifting a cruise ship with one hand.
Ascended Endurance: Capable of taking massive damage that would easily kill a normal person.
Ascended Resistant Skin: His skin can take damage from the sharpest of objects, although, upon repeated attacks, it can be broken.
Ascended Speed: Capable of moving at amazing speeds, equal to the speed of sound.
Ascended Reflexes: Can dodge at a hair width.
Flight: Capable of defying gravity.
Sapphire Energy Attacks: Capable of forming sapphire energy balls in his hands and firing them at opponents.
Requiem's Call: Axel goes under a massive power up, his hair turning white and
spiked. A sapphire aura forms around him, similar to the Super Saiyan of the
DBZ world.
Astounding Energy Level: When powering up, he can literally make the earth shake.

Weapon/s: A Sapphire Broadsword
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Shinobi Faction: Profiles
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