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 Power Revealed! Saiyuki's Tranquil Rage!

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PostSubject: Power Revealed! Saiyuki's Tranquil Rage!   22nd November 2012, 9:09 pm

It was a cloudy dark night, as the blue haired man made his way forward, his face covered in shadow, but a definite aura of anger could be felt. He stood facing an adversary who could not be seen. His fists were clenched and his entire body seemed to be shaking, what could have been him so full of rage?

"What's wrong boy? You look like you've seen a ghost. Ahahaha! I get it, you're mad because I killed your friends, is that it? Well don't worry, you'll be joining them soon, in a place we call Hell!" The mysterious figure said, laughing up a storm. His eyes had a hint of amusement in them.

Saiyuki made no comment, he merely stood his ground, gazing straight ahead. The silence was almost deafening, not even the animals were stirring. Slowly, he looked upwards, his sapphire eyes reflecting nothing but rage, in its most unrefined and pure form. Suddenly a burst of energy exploded outwards from him, with the force of an explosion. The ground began to shake as he powered up, the clouds above were blown away from the sheer impact of the wave. Glaring at the shadowy figure in front of him, he spoke only one line. "You're wrong, I'm not mad about you killing my friends, I'm mad that they won't be able to witness me avenging their deaths when I crush your bones into dust." The way he spoke this line, was eerily calm, almost serene. He took a basic combat stance and beckoned the enemy to come towards him.

"You think you're all that huh!? Well let me show you, just how I killed your friends!" He charged forward and aimed a powerful punch toward Saiyuki, attempting to shut this brat up once and for all.

His punch never landed however, as the young man had tilted his head to the side and dodged, and continued to dodge every attack that was thrown at him with incredible ease. The counterattack arrived now, swift and merciless, the blue eyed man dominated his foe, rendering him utterly helpless. His hand rocketed out and grabbed the mysterious enemies face and squeezed it. "How does it feel!? To feel powerless and unable to fight back!? To be hunted! just like you hunted my friends!" He threw the shadowy figure on the ground and held out his right hand, an energy blast forming in it. The dark blast flew forth and utterly destroyed the body that once had a shape. He turned around and began walking away, and only said one thing. "Oh and one more thing, I didn't kill you to avenge my friends, I killed you because someone like you has no right to live." That was the last thing he said, before vanishing into the cold relentless night.

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Power Revealed! Saiyuki's Tranquil Rage!
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