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 Mind if I share my sadness?

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PostSubject: Mind if I share my sadness?   4th November 2012, 5:13 pm

>Be me.
>Actually be genuinely happy for once.
>Recieve a package in the mail.
>It's from home.
>Open box.
>See it's your collection of CD's and movies.
>Be organizing them into a bookshelf.
>See a movie disk thing labeled: TO HAZEL,LOVE ADRIAN AND KATIE
>Adrian is my brother.
>Katie is his Fiance.(last time I saw them,anyway.)
>Put it into the VCR
>It's a video of Adrian's wedding.
>It ends with Adrian and Katie saying they "Love and Miss Me",while holding their baby,which is my new Niece
>The baby's name is Hazel.
>Feel guilty for hating them while you lived with them.
>Be surprised when there's another part to the video that has Andrew apologizing for starting the rumors about you in the first place.
>Andrew is one of your ex-best friends.
>Start crying because you realize you have friends all the way across the country,but no real friends here.
>Grab a random CD from the bookshelf and listen to it in hopes it'll make you feel better.
>It's a Mayday Parade album.
>Terrible things comes on.
>Cry harder because the song's so depressing at the moment.
>Get a call from your roommate,Amber.
>Get happy because you think she called to talk to you.
>Turns out she's only calling to tell you she won't be back until tomorrow.
>Say "Okay.." and hang up.
>Cry again,because you feel lonely.
>Get on one of your rp forums.
>Internet friend is in hospital with back cancer.
>Cry some more.
>Head starts hurting from all the crying.
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Honorary Member

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PostSubject: Re: Mind if I share my sadness?   4th November 2012, 5:40 pm

Sad aww *Hugs* I'm sorry Hazel, I hope things better for you. It sucks when things are like that. I can honestly say I am here for you to talk if you ever need it. I know that at the moment you need someone to talk to and I really have no words to tell you.
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PostSubject: Re: Mind if I share my sadness?   4th November 2012, 5:44 pm

In all seriousness.

You have my respect for continuing to move forward.
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PostSubject: Re: Mind if I share my sadness?   

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Mind if I share my sadness?
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